Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi(e) Day!

   Tonight we celebrated the famous number with mini pies.

   I had a bunch of extra basil on hand and decided to try infusing some store bought cherry pie filling for a more unique flavor.  On my best day I would have done the whole thing from scratch, but on weeknights sometimes I'm a little more realistic.  More "semi-homemade" if you will.  The below recipe makes enough to fill about 2 mini pies.  The rest of the can and crust didn't go to waste though!  I used the extra to make plain cherry mini pies to fill up the rest of the muffin tin.  I love that Pi Day is such a great excuse to make dessert. 

Cherry Basil Pie (The Easy Way)
1 cup prepared cherry pie filling
4 large basil leaves (I suggest using sweet basil)
Refrigerated pie crust cut to size to line cup of a non-stick muffin tin

Combine pie filling and basil leaves in a small sauce pan over low heat, stirring occasionally.  Heat approximately 5-7 minutes or until slight basil flavor is discernible upon tasting.  Let filling cool to room temperature.  Place pie crust in muffin tin and fill to desired level with filling.  Apply a second piece of crust on top (mine had a hole cut in it but lattice or solid also looks nice). Bake at temperature listed on pie crust box until pies are golden brown.  


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