Friday, June 28, 2013

Songs of the Summer

    This is not the most groundbreaking information, but I figured I'd share a little bit of what I'm listening to these days.  They may be the most stereotypical songs of the summer but if I love 'em, I listen to 'em and it's as simple as that.  These are the ones that get me really excited lately:

1) We Can't Stop- Miley Cyrus
*I've only shared the audio version because I think the actual video is pretty trashy and takes away from the song. Check it out if you dare.

2) Come and Get It- Selena Gomez

 *Ok there's kind of a theme here. I'm not ashamed that I love the Disney Channel and its former stars.

3) Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke feat Pharrell and TI
*It's also no secret that I have a celebrity crush on all 3 of these guys. Thank goodness they didn't also add Justin Timberlake because I think my heart would have exploded with happiness!

Happy Friday! 


  1. Hi stopping by from the "Let's Be Friends" link-up :) I actually am unashamed in my love for Disney stars as well so it's cool. And I totally did not understand what the hell the Miley Cyrus video was about.. it was just too confusing for me. It's like 'Miley... we get it. You're edgy. Go put on some pants'

  2. Stopping by from THE Collective Social Blog Hop to say hi. Thank you for linking up. Have a fabulous day!



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