Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

    This weekend went by way too fast.  But what's new?  Saturday Kevin and I spent a few hours hiking south of Boston at Blue Hills Reservation.  They have hundreds of miles of trails and it was the perfect day to get out and walk-- it was slightly overcast and the temperature was perfect.  Kevin and I walk a lot but it's usually city walking, so below are my hiking newbie must-haves.

{From top left: Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream, AE Boyfriend Short, Dr Martens Hiking Shoe, Colombia Hiking Shirt}

    The top row has items that I already own and love.  I don't wear a lot of makeup but BB Cream is my favorite thing to use when I know I'm going to be outdoors and active.  It has built in SPF and just enough tint to even out my skin tone.  As for the shorts, I think American Eagle still has the best variety around.  I like the boyfriend cut because they're loose and comfortable.  I prefer wearing jean shorts when walking in the woods because if I sit down, water doesn't immediately get through and they don't show dirt quite as easily as other types of bottoms.

    The bottom row has items that I'm interested in getting if we continue hiking into the fall.  I love that the hiking shoe has the body of a boot (folded down in photo), but the sole has the flexibility of a shoe for comfort.  And the Colombia shirt is right up my alley because it has bug repellent properties.  I'm skeptical, but if it works then I'd be this shirt's biggest fan.

    After a few hours, we were starving and thought we deserved to splurge.  We made yummy drinks and appetizers to hold us over for dinner.

{Blueberry smash made by Kevin.  So good!}

{Shrimp egg rolls}

     Sunday we went to a friend's apartment for a pool party--don't know why I didn't think to take pictures.  I'm glad we packed a lot in this weekend because I'll be working for the next one plus the weather was beautiful.  Happy Monday!  

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