Friday, October 25, 2013

Shopping the Sweatshirt Trend

    When I told Kevin that sweatshirts were back, he was a little skeptical.  And I'll admit, for guys I'm not sure this trend will fly on a large part of the population without them looking like they belong in a dorm room with remnants of dried ramen noodles stuck to the carpet.  You just have to be the right type of guy to pull them off, otherwise they look a little sloppy in my opinion.  Lucky for me, the women's styles are all about glitter and jewels and looking classy (I'm pretty sure I've never used glitter and classy in the same sentence before).  I'm already in love with the idea of being comfy and cozy in a sweatshirt all winter long.  Here are some of my favorites:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Everyone is hopping on board from Old Navy to Lanvin, but I think we all know where most of our bank accounts land on that spectrum.  Check back next week to see how I styled the look for a date night with Kevin.

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  1. Stopping by from Fab Fridays Linkup! I'm loving the sweatshirt trend this year! I actually have #5 and it's so pretty in person. It shines in the sun!

    <3 Vicki

  2. DANG IT! Of course the one I liked the best is the most expensive one on your list. Bummer :( These are all super cute, I actually really like the H&M one!

  3. I still don't think I could pull off wearing one at work but that would be so nice!

  4. i love all of them <3 i love sweater weather :]


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