Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Brunch

Everyone loves a good cocktail with their brunch and today I have exactly that for you.  Best thing is that this one is as simple as they come.  I give you, the Pink Grapefruit Screwdriver.


Start with one part pink grapefruit vodka.
 Add two parts your favorite OJ.
 And a splash of grenadine.

Pink Grapefruit Screwdriver

One part grapefruit vodka
Two parts orange juice
Splash of grenadine

Serve cold or over ice.


  1. I wish I found this yesterday then I wouldn't have to drink a nasty beer. It tastes so gross. I'm saving this recipe, yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. the only problem is you used the wrong vodka... would have been much better with Deep Eddy Ruby Red! Other than that. sounds delicious!


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