Friday, March 22, 2013

Color crush: Lavender


This week I found easy ways to incorporate my latest color crush lavender into our home and my look.  I switched our winter home air freshener scent from heavy cranberry and cinnamon to a springy lavender.  Our hand soap changed from Mrs Meyers Basil to Mrs Meyers Lavender.  And I got my toenails sandal-ready by painting them a sweet shade of mauve a la Essie's Lady Like.  Even though there is still snow on the ground, I am letting spring know that I'm ready for it at any time.


  1. I just switched out my air fresheners to! Also switched out my cranberry woods (B&BW) to their white barn and honeysuckle fragrances. At least it's spring in our house....:) I just won't open the blinds so I don't have to see the snow.

    1. My thoughts exactly. At least it's spring INSIDE.


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