Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Paint Colors

    There are no pictures of us actually painting of our place.  We got it done.  It's not really the most exciting piece of our story.  Our condo has 3 main rooms (large living area open to the kitchen, master bedroom, and guest bedroom).  Before we moved in, every wall in the condo was yellow.  Truthfully, the place is sunny enough with all of the natural light that we get, so I didn't also need the color of the sun everywhere.  So enter my love for the color grey.  Yes, I know it's cliche at this point--it's the new beige, etc, etc--but it's kind of my thing and has been for awhile.  It also made an appearance in a large way for our wedding.  One day I'll share that.  We wanted to set a neutral tone in the main living area and keep the colors nice and cool in the two bedrooms.  Below are the colors we chose.

martha stewart arrowroot
{Left: Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey- living area, Middle: Benjamin Moore Labrador Blue- master bedroom, Right: Martha Stewart Arrowroot- guest bedroom}

    We had all of the colors matched at Home Depot to the Low VOC Behr Premium paint in a flat finish due to the quality and cost.  Low VOC was important for a few reasons, the most immediate being that the lower fumes helped make the headache sufferer in me very happy.  We chose the flat finish because it is easy to touch up.  Some people prefer wiping marks on a wall.  For those people, an eggshell or satin finish might be right.  But for me, nothing makes the wall feel fresher than a touch up coat of paint over a problem area, and that's just not possible with shiny finishes.  Any touch-ups are easily noticeable, as the shine looks inconsistent in the place where you fixed it.

    I had cold feet about going so dark in our bedroom, but I owe a huge thanks to Hooked on Houses which pointed out that Labrador Blue is also the color of the foyer in the Dunphy house on Modern Family.  I had seen that wall color a million times on the show and always thought to myself that I liked it, so I was sold!  Oh and I should also mention that my track record of picking paint colors leaves something to be desired.  With this in mind, I narrowed down the options to about 3 choices for each room and had my talented husband make the final pick. I make alot of the decorative choices for the condo, and I find that these types of decisions are perfect for him.  He stays involved so that the condo still reflects him, but he stays out of it enough to not get tired of it.  We are both extremely happy with how it turned out.  Pictures to come!


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