Saturday, March 9, 2013

Condo Before Pictures

In order to understand our progress, I thought it best to show you where we started.  Unfortunately, I have no real before photos of our condo.  Many of these were taken the night we signed the papers, and we wasted no time getting down to work.  We ate the infamous "first night in a new place" meal of pizza and beer and started cleaning like crazy.  We also patched all of the holes in the walls.

View of our kitchen from the living area


View from the master bedroom

Master bedroom bay window

The pictures below were taken while our floors were being refinished before we moved in.  It's the only project in our home that we have hired professional help for thus far. 

What we have done since:
  • Installed in-wall power and speakers for TV above the fireplace
  • Painted every wall and all of the trim
  • Refinished the cabinets
  • Built custom curtain rods for our master bedroom
  • Refurbished a Salvation Army hutch to use as a buffet in the dining room
  • Hacked some Ikea dressers to use as nightstands
  • Built and upholstered a custom headboard
And those are just some of the bigger projects.  There are many, many smaller ones that we've done or are planning to do, and I will share every step of the way!

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