Friday, November 15, 2013

Blogger Event: Moksa Cambridge

Last week, Blog and Tweet Boston put on an event at Moksa Cambridge, a Pan Asian tapas restaurant in Central Square.  It was my first blogging event and I met so many great people.  I loved bonding over drinks and food -- my favorite way to bond!  The service was great.  The staff created a menu just for us and really took into account everyone's dietary needs which was awesome.  I love that just because I happened to order a vegetarian entree, they made sure to ask me if I would like a vegetarian second course as well.  It was just really attentive and thoughtful service.  Here's the run-down on what we were served!

We were greeted by our bartender for the night, Noon, who happens to be their resident wine expert so we knew that both the cocktail and the wine pairings were going to be delicious!  First up was a warm rum punch with grilled pineapple served in a mason jar.  (P.S. - drinks served in mason jars are totally the way to any southern girl's heart.)

We were sat at two long tables in the dining area for our four course meal.  We were served some delicious dumplings to get us started.

The first course was Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with curry and soybean.  This was one of the best squash soups I've ever had.  Sometimes they can be so one-note but this one had so much flavor.  It was paired with the Fall Manhattan.  A drink made with bourbon, roasted squash, cider, and honey.  It was strong but good.

The second course was a spicy tuna dumpling platter with mango sauce served atop guacamole.  This was my favorite course of the night.  It really showed off the restaurant's concept of being a "Pan-Asian Tapas" destination.  In an attempt to slow down on the alcohol, I paired this with the wine option Furmint 2011 "Love Over $". 

For our third course, we were offered our choice of Kung Pao Angel Hair, 7 Spice Crusted Salmon, and Paneer Masala.  I made an unusually vegetarian choice for myself and chose the Paneer Masala.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  I'll take any dish that showcases cheese.  It was great.  Plenty of onions and peppers and just the right amount of sauce.  I again chose the wine pairing.

The dessert course was a warm coconut rice pudding with pumpkin bits.  I went back in forth on which drink I wanted to pair it with until the waiter told me that the cocktail was "amazing."   It was my favorite drink of the night.  Who knew that I loved warm cocktails so much?  Thanks Moksa for teaching me something about myself.  It was called the Milk and Honey, a drink of cognac, milk, and Boston Honey.

Check out their event calendar for upcoming events or just stop in for some of their wonderful cocktails and tapas.  This place is known for their cocktails, and their offering of game nights and a private event space are just the icing on the cake.  Thanks to Moksa and Blog and Tweet Boston for putting on a great event!  See you both soon!

*Dinner and drinks were compliments of Moksa Restaurant, but all opinions are my own.


  1. I'm jealous all over again! Glad you had fun but I am sad I didn't get to meet you!

  2. Wow! looks like an amazing time and so much good food!!! <3 thanks for sharing!
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog


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