Friday, January 24, 2014

Five Ways To Eat Grapefruit

It's citrus season.  We got our first glimpse of the season during our meal in December at Menton, and now it seems the rest of the world has caught citrus fever too.  So I put together my five favorite ways to eat grapefruit, as well as links to a few other recipes that look absolutely scrumptious as well.  

::The Plain Jane::
 {With or without sugar, this is the simplest way to enjoy a grapefruit}

 {Straight up or mixed with other juices}

{Sprinkle with sugar then stick under the broiler.  Delicious with a drizzle of honey and sprig of sage or mint.  
P.S. If you're ever in Boston please stop into Stephanie's on Newbury for brunch and try their bruleed grapefruit.  They get a delicious crust on theirs that I just can't replicate at home!}

 ::Paired Up::
 {Slice it up and pair it with other seasonal citrus}

::Sliced with Basil and Honey::
 {Also great with mint}

Grapefruit inspired treats from around the blogosphere:

Happy Friday everyone! 

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  1. Husband found FL Grapefruits at our Costco this past week and says they are delicious. I have been thinking about what I want for breakfast/lunch all morning and I think grapefruit just won:) Thanks for the sharing your different ways to enjoy the fruit! I would have never thought to broil it!


  2. I love grapefruit and may have overdone it over the past few weeks. My mom brought 2 grocery bags of citrus that she picked from her house... I now have a giant cankersore under my tongue and I want to die!

  3. haha never thought there was 5 ways!! i love it broiled- so delicious!

  4. I've never sliced a grapefruit and had it turned out that nicely and neatly, lol!!

  5. I normally am not a grapefruit person, but I think I would be a fool not to try bruleed grapefruit!

  6. Man, the honey sounds great over the grapefruit!

  7. I had a grapefruit & basil martini the other was absolutely delicious! Thanks so much for sharing :)


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