Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting Up on the Right Side of the Bed

    So it's about darn time for some more house updates.  So let's get to it!

    It's almost embarrassing to show this before picture of our bedroom, but everyone has to start somewhere right?  This was just after we moved in and things were looking lopsided and sad.  It's important to note that our previous place (a one bedroom apartment) had a teeny tiny master bedroom that needed a teeny tiny bed and teeny tiny nightstands.  Oh and here's your first real glimpse of Benjamin Moore's Labrador Blue up on the walls first mentioned here.

        We knew we needed a change-up.  At first, we were just looking to make a larger headboard to take up more space on that blank wall.  Then we decided that while we were at it, we could use a mattress upgrade as well.  After a lot of searching around, we landed on a foam mattress that's supposed to be cooler than your normal foam core mattress.  It sounded perfect to us because Kevin, like your average guy, runs way hotter than I do, but I am what you call a "hot sleeper."  Oh yes, we needed some of this CoolSense amazingness in our lives.

     We pondered the mattress for a couple of weeks, thinking we'd stick with our queen size.  But then spontaneously, right before we negotiated a price, we decided to just go for it and get a King-- a California King to be exact.  Why not?  The room is big enough and Kevin is really tall.  The idea of being able to sleep without his feet hanging of the end of the bed made him really happy.  (This is also my chance to point out in case anyone didn't know: those prices on the tags aren't set in stone.  Mattress buying involves negotiating a price not just picking one out and paying for it.  So none of you will overpay for a mattress again right?)

    Something that should be considered when buying a California King is that you have to be willing to severely cut you choices for beautiful linens.  We're talking solids and stripes only and usually none of the big names.  Luckily, I usually prefer crisp white sheets so we just grabbed some on Amazon.  As for a duvet, you can still use a King size.  We just found that it works better when rotated 90 degrees from how it would rest on a regular King size bed.  I was very sad to give up my beautiful Queen size Marimekko duvet cover from Crate and Barrel that we received as a wedding gift, but we replaced it with this equally beautiful organic cotton cover from West Elm. 

    So there you have it--a little sneak peek into some of our bedroom upgrades lately.  Check back next week for the after pictures!    


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  1. I love all the windows and that paint color is awesome.


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