Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ikea Hack: Rast Dresser Turned Nightstand

    Here's a quickie before and after project for you.  As I mentioned last week, Our new bed was dwarfing our nightstands.  It was not only a decor nightmare but it was borderline dangerous considering that I nearly fell out of bed to turning off my alarm in the morning.  Sorry I don't have any pictures to demonstrate the hilarity of this, but I'm sure you can imagine a thoroughly embarrassing visual all on your own.  We needed nice large nightstands that came to about the height of the bed.  Enter: Ikea Hacking.

    If you don't know what that means, head over to and be sure to grab a snack first because you will be hooked!  People are so creative spicing up their bland Ikea purchases.

   Why did I say this was a quickie before and after? Don't be fooled because this did take us a solid chunk of time.  It's a quickie because I have practically zero pictures to show you.  This project (and the one I will share tomorrow) were done a few months back before I realized that I would eventually want to have some "during" pictures of the projects or thought anyone would be remotely interested in them.  But it'll all be okay because as promised, the master bedroom reveal is coming Friday and I will share plenty of details about how that came together!


    We used two main tutorials to complete this hack of the Rast Dresser from Ikea.  One is from Anna at Take the Side Street and the other is from The Charming Nest.

    The main difference between what we did and what the other tutorials showed is our hardware.  We chose to fill the holes that the original hardware left and purchase new pulls.  Right now we have an array of other fixture colors in our place (brass and silver), but I am trying to slowly change everything over to oil rubbed bronze.  These pulls were about $9 each in the bronze finish, but in nickel they were only $2 each.  It looks like I splurged but actually I spray painted the cheaper ones using Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze and Clear Protective Coat.  So far they have held up really well which is great news for me and bad news for all of the knobs and hinges in the rest of the place.  Your brass days are numbered my friends!

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